Bear, loves wind blowing in her hair

Bear the dogI’m Bear, a crazy little cuddler that tugs at your heart strings. I got a second chance at life once my mom, Nicole, adopted me from the Capital Area Humane Society.¬†Originally my name was Banana, but that didn’t fit my personality so the name Bear was rightfully given to me. It’s not a common name and still gives off that tough pitbull demeanor. I ease my way into your heart with love and affection, but the quickest way to my heart is with booty scratches. I love this so much that I’ll sit on you until¬†I get just that.

While I’m loving, I do have spastic moments that display my excitement. Just the other day a big airy ballon entered my house. I didn’t know how I felt about this random object, so naturally I freaked out. My friend Zoe and I had quite the experience with this ballon. Zoe is my new baby friend and roommate. She’s also a 12-week-old labrador. We instantly bonded, but she’s not the only dog in my life. I have a boyfriend at the dog park. Sometimes I need to spice up my life and a boyfriend does that for me. My favorite friend is still my mom. We have had multiple trips to the ER together, take daily strolls, and love each other unconditionally. They say dogs are man’s best friend, but humans are dogs best friends too. Overall, I’m a spunky little dog that is always the life of the party.